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Commissioner Mark Bogen Gets Strict Elevator Regulations Passed to Protect the Public
DATE: October 21, 2016 
Kimberly Maroe 
Public Information Manager, Broward County Commission 

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - You'll be safer when riding in an elevator in Broward County with the passage of a new law requiring strict documentation and proof of work performed by registered elevator maintenance companies.
Commissioner Mark Bogen sponsored the elevator ordinance which requires a contracted elevator company to complete a thorough record of the work that was done including the time, date, name of employee, and an itemized list of completed tasks that must be signed by the building owner. The ordinance requires that the signed document be kept on file by the registered elevator company for one year.

"This ordinance is necessary to stop and prevent fraud in the elevator industry. Proper inspection and maintenance of elevators is vital to the safety of the public, yet many times the work isn't done and there is no legal requirement that verifies documentation. This ordinance puts a procedure in place that will hold elevator maintenance companies responsible for their work and permit citations if the law is not followed" said Commissioner Bogen. Broward Commissioners unanimously approved the new law.

The elevator ordinance allows Broward County Code Enforcement to issue citations to the elevator company. Building owners are able to file a complaint and registered elevator companies can be fined $500 if verified and signed completion of work is not conducted prior to the company representative leaving the worksite.

Florida law allows building owners to enter into contracts with companies licensed by the State to perform elevator maintenance and inspections. In past, prior to passage of the ordinance, County inspectors could fine building's owner rather than the elevator company.

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