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Transit's New Electric Buses now in Service
- Hop on Route 22 from Sawgrass Mills to Broward Central Terminal -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL -- Broward County Transit (BCT) has officially begun carrying passengers on two new electric buses which run on Route 22 on Broward Blvd. from Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise to Broward Central Terminal in Fort Lauderdale. 

The buses are designed to travel up to 300 miles on a full charge with two electric motors. They also have overhead charge rails for on-route charging. The 40-foot buses are designed and manufactured in the United States and offer zero tailpipe emissions and lower operating costs with fewer parts than combustion engine vehicles. The battery-electric buses will also help to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and deliver a quieter and smoother ride for passengers. Other features include a pedestrian alert system, security cameras, onboard public information monitors and free Wi-Fi. 

BCT purchased 12 battery-operated electric buses and expects to put them in service by late fall as it transitions to an all-electric fleet. Face masks and social distancing are required on all County buses. For more information, visit the BCT website

About Broward County Transit
(BCT) provides fixed route, express, community shuttle and paratransit services in Broward County. Our mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions that link people, connect communities, support employment and contribute to the overall economic growth of our region. For more information about BCT or for help planning your trip, visit our website, Facebook page or call customer service seven days a week at 954-357-8400 or TTY 954-357-8302.

October 8, 2021
MEDIA CONTACT: Gwendolyn Belton
Broward County Transit