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Commissioners Approve Plans to Increase Affordable Housing in Broward Count

BROWARD COUNTY, FL –Commissioners have approved legislation designed to increase the number of affordable housing developments in Broward County. 

After extensive collaboration with local governments and the development community, Commissioners approved new policies included in BrowardNext – Broward County Land Use Plan to promote and increase Transit Oriented Development and housing opportunities along major transportation corridors and also increase the number of affordable housing units available for residential development.

“I believe that we can’t solve the affordable housing crisis just by creating more government subsidized housing, although that’s an important component. We must also increase the overall number of housing units in Broward County, thus reducing prices by the Law of Supply and Demand. This does that. The implementation of these policies is anticipated to grow the overall housing supply by coupling market rate and affordable multi-family housing on commercial/retail/big box/office sites, as well as improving access to and use of mass transit,” said Broward Mayor Steve Geller, who sponsored the new changes to the affordable housing plan.

The policies further seek to leverage other County programs and funding opportunities to increase the affordable housing inventory along major commercial and transportation corridors.  Affordable homes built close to major roadway corridors allow people easy access to public transportation near their place of residence. 

For more information regarding the new plans, contact Broward Mayor Steve Geller at 954-357-7005, or .


March 12, 2021


Kimberly Maroe
Public Information Manager
Broward County Commission
(954) 232-4510