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BROWARD COUNTY, FL - At the June 18th Broward County Commission meeting, the Board approved funding for FY2020 County Public Works projects in the amount of $24.5M, and the very first cycle of municipal projects. The action allows 97 municipal-requested capital projects in the amount of $65.7M and 40 municipal-requested rehabilitation & maintenance projects in the amount of $55.5M for a total of $121.2M to municipalities.  


These transportation surtax-funded projects will help stimulate our local economy and mitigate impacts of COVID-19. This entails building a foundation through mobility advancement and the creation of direct, indirect and induced jobs. Keeping these revenues local is our priority by investing in small businesses, countywide regional projects and municipal projects.


The County’s Public Works Department was able to expedite 8 projects that were contained in the original plan and add 3 new projects - - all advanced to a point of being “construction-ready” using other funding sources.  Broward’s goal is to expedite “construction-ready” County roadway projects and other transportation-related infrastructure enhancements to help stimulate our local economy during these challenging times. Projects range from intersection improvements, street expansions, bridge repair, roadway drainage improvements to pedestrian and bicycle improvements, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades, and other mobility advancements.


The 137 approved municipal-requested projects range from construction-ready major capital projects to smaller transportation-related planning and design projects. Many projects focus on improving ADA accessibility, creating safer walking and biking options, needed repair and upkeep of existing roads, bridges and sidewalks, as well as many improvements aimed at alleviating roadway flooding in many communities.


The next step for all approved municipal projects is for Broward County and each municipality to enter into a project funding agreement.


For more information about the Penny For Transportation including projects in your municipality, visit our website and follow us on Twitter.


The Process for Municipal-Requested Projects

In early 2018, Broward County invited all municipalities to submit an updated list of transportation-related projects for inclusion in the initial 2018 Surtax 30-year Financial Plan.  Cities were permitted to submit as many projects as desired and given no financial cap. Of the more than 1,000 total transit, roadway- and safety-related projects included in the 30-year Transportation Surtax Plan, over 700 represented municipal requests, totaling $3.3 billion.


A multi-party agreement among Broward County, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, and 28 of 31 municipalities in Broward approved in September 2018, guarantees a minimum of 10% of annual surtax revenues for municipal-requested projects, inclusive of the Community Shuttle program. The Board’s action funds municipal projects at approximately 25% of 2019 and projected 2020 surtax revenues. Besides the $121.2M approved today, the County also fully funded 18 municipal Community Shuttle programs beginning October 2019, and we expect to add a 19th soon.


All of the County Commission-approved projects, both County and municipal, were deemed eligible by a 9-member Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board prior to being presented to the County Commission for approval.


County staff is currently working on a collaborative 5-year Plan due August 2020 to the Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board. The Plan will include County and municipal projects.


DATE: June 18, 2020

MEDIA CONTACT: Cindy Malin, Public Information Officer

Mobility Advancement Program

PHONE: 954-357-9505