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Broward County Libraries Walk-up/Drive-up Service Begins Monday, May 18
- Service limited to pick ups of reserved materials only -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Beginning May 18, 2020, Broward County Libraries will start Walk-up/Drive-up Service at a limited number of libraries.This service lets customers pick up reserved library materials in a safe manner while Broward County Libraries remain closed to the public.

Customers may resume reserving books, DVDs and other library materials using BCL’s online catalog or by calling their local library.

Library staff will be unable to provide customers with any materials that have not been reserved ahead of time. You must have a Broward County Library card to reserve library materials.

Walk-up/Drive-up Service Locations
All Broward Libraries locations remain closed to the public, however Walk-up/Drive-up Service will begin at the following libraries:

The days/hours for Broward County Library Walk-up Service vary by location.

Walk-up/Drive-up Service

  • Beginning the week of May 18th, library staff will call customers with reserved items to let them know their items are available for checkout via our new walk-up/drive-up service.
  • When arriving to pick up materials, customers should call the library when they are in the parking lot.
  • For Walk-up Service: Library staff will exit the library and place the customer’s items on a designated table.Customers can then approach the table and retrieve their items.
  • For Drive-up Service: Library staff will exit the library and hand the items to the customer through their car window. To ensure a safe and efficient hand-off, items will be placed in plastic bags.
  • Customers must wear a facial covering to participate in this service.
  • Customers returning items are encouraged to deposit them in the library’s book drops. 

About Broward County Libraries Division
Broward County Libraries Divisionnamed 2015 Library of the Year by the Florida Library Association, was founded in 1974 and is the largest library system in Florida by square footage and one of the busiest, with more than 7.5 million walk-in customers visiting its 38 locations annually. Broward County Libraries Division provides convenient access to a full range of innovative and cost-effective services that satisfy the changing needs of the people of Broward County for information, education and recreation. Visit our website,, or follow Libraries on Facebook and Twitter.

DATE: May 15, 2020
Catherine McElrath
Libraries Division