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12 Additional Broward Libraries Now Offering Kids' Launchpad Tablets
- Children's tablets come preloaded with fun, educational apps -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Twelve more Broward County Library locations have Playaway Launchpad tablets available for customer check out, bringing the total number of libraries offering them to 18. Playaway Launchpads are designed just for kids and are preloaded with high-quality, ad-free apps that are both fun and educational.

Apps are grouped onto Launchpad tablets by subject, theme, grade level and age, making it easy for parents and kids to choose a tablet with the content most appealing to them. Every Launchpad is 100% secure, providing hours of interactive learning and play without the risk of exposure to unintended content.

“By putting Launchpad tablets in the hands of our younger customers, we’re encouraging the next generation of learners and thinkers,” says Broward County Library Director Kelvin Watson. “Providing all of Broward County’s children with access to technology and technological training for youth is vital to their futures and the future of our communities.”

The Launchpad content collection spans subjects from math and science to critical thinking and creativity, and features themed learning packs including animals, princesses, fantasy, nature and more.

A custom-designed user interface gives children the opportunity to make every Launchpad experience their own by creating a personal avatar, plus an informational console gives parents and educators feedback about how the children spent their time on the tablet.

The Playaway Launchpads are powered by an Android operating system and feature a 7” high-definition touch screen, external speaker, universal audio jack and a durable, protective bumper.

No connectivity or downloading is required so customers can simply check out and play. Launchpads can be checked out for 21 days, with two 7-day renewals, and can be returned to any Broward County Library location. Two Launchpads can be checked out at once on the same account.

A list of all 18 locations now offering the tablets is attached at the bottom of the page. 

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DATE: October 8, 2018
MEDIA CONTACT: Catherine McElrath 
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