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BCT's Premium Mobility Plan Will Change the Way Broward Connects

BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Broward County Transit (BCT) has officially launched its multi-billion-dollar Premium Mobility Plan (PREMO) which will forever improve the transportation landscape in Broward County. This transformational initiative will add over 200 miles of new premium transit services to its existing service network. It will also create new jobs, stimulate economic development, connect major points of interest, and provide Broward County residents and visitors with multimodal transit options. Over the past year, BCT has been studying transit needs and conducting public outreach to determine the best means to better connect people and places. 

This countywide network of premium transit services will provide convenient mobility that is attractive, safe, reliable, and frequent.  The PREMO plan includes 11.5 miles of Commuter Rail, 23.3 miles of Light Rail Transit, 76 miles of Bus Rapid Transit , and 100 miles of High Frequency Bus Service with eight east/west corridors and six north/south corridors. Corridor recommendations are based on current ridership, ridership potential, community feedback and economic development opportunities. "As more people fulfill their dream of moving to our beautiful county, traffic congestion continues to be a growing concern, said County Administrator Monica Cepero. "It's exciting what the PREMO plan will bring to our Broward County community and those that visit us. Being able to quickly travel from east to west and north to south while connecting directly to Broward County's three major economic engines, our Airport, Seaport, and Convention Center is important to our future mobility solutions. This PREMO plan also offers us the opportunity to become one of the leading intermodal transit providers in the country."

According to the American Public Transportation Association, investing in public transportation can create 49,700 jobs for $1 billion dollars invested and yield a five-to-one economic return for every dollar spent. Based on this statistic, the PREMO plan is projected to create thousands of new jobs. Coree Cuff Lonergan, General Manager/Director of Transportation of Broward County Transit said, "We are so excited to bring the PREMO plan to Broward County. This data-driven plan will not only improve the way Broward County connects through the 200 miles of new premium service, it should significantly increase annual ridership, stimulate economic development, support affordable housing, and expand small business opportunities."

The goals of the plan are simple and will have a major impact on the future of our county: Integrate and serve our community, improve mobility for all, implement equitable transit solutions, safety and security, ensure environmental stewardship, and enhance economic development and ensure financial stability. According to World Population Review (2023) Broward County is the 2nd largest county in Florida and its population continues to rise.  With this plan, Broward County will have the framework and infrastructure to support this growing population and comfortably travel into the future.

About Broward County Transit

Broward County Transit (BCT) provides safe, reliable, and economical bus transportation via fixed route, breeze and express, community shuttles and paratransit services, serving a 410 square mile area. The fixed-route buses travel between Broward, Miami & Palm Beach counties every day of the week, including holidays. For more information about BCT or for help planning your trip, visit our website, and Facebook page, or call customer service seven days a week at 954-357-8400 or TTY 954-357-8302. From Sawgrass to Seagrass, We Connect You to Life!

April 27, 2023

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