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Broward County Library Selects Skilltype to Manage Employee Development
- Professional development and analytics are objectives -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL -Broward County Library will become the first public library to adopt Skilltype, a software platform for libraries to analyze expertise and develop skills within their organizations.

LYRASIS has developed an exclusive partnership with Skilltype to distribute the Skilltype software platform, offering access to Broward County Library alongside their LYRASIS Learning platform.

Skilltype CEO Tony Zanders commented, “Public libraries have many great ideas about the future of professional development in librarianship, as exemplified by Broward County’s adoption of our software platform. We are excited to support this dynamic, service-oriented segment of our community through this partnership.”

Broward County Library employs more than 700 staff in its 38 branches and serves a population of 1.9 million residents. As the latest member of Skilltype’s early adopter program, Broward County Library became a leader in equitable access to professional development, while promoting skill-building opportunities during times of budget austerity.

Allison Grubbs, Broward County Library Interim Director, says of the new partnership, “Broward County Libraries is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technological innovation to its customers. We are enthused that Skilltype is a platform that will facilitate our mission to bring professional development skills and information to our staff and to the communities we serve.” 

Skilltype is unique for its focus on the skills and knowledge required and acquired in libraries, archives and museums, and for allowing librarians and library employees to play an active role in their own career development.

Lisa Larson, Senior Director of Outreach and Engagement at LYRASIS, says of the collaboration, “Skilltype is an innovative platform that will help the Broward County Libraries stay ahead of the curve with skills and expertise. As a Broward County resident, I’m equally thrilled to see what this partnership can deliver to the wider community as well.”

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DATE: March 3, 2021
Catherine McElrath
Libraries Division