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Library Offers Free "Pen to Page" Writing Workshop Series in January
- Interactive, Online Classes with Literary Arts Instructors -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL  - Broward County Library is offering a free series of Pen to Page creative writing workshops running from January 14 to September 9, 2021 led by teaching artists from Art Prevails Project.

 The Pen to Page workshops take place online on Thursdays from 5:30 to 7PM and consist of five themes covered by six sessions each. Participants may choose to attend one or all of the themed sessions. Each session will be a 90-minute interactive experience in which participants will benefit from working with proven writing professionals.

Art Prevails Project is a performing and literary arts organization committed to providing artistic and cultural experiences through performance and education using a multidisciplinary approach rooted in theatre and creative writing.

The six-week, themed sessions address the following topics:  

-Session 1:  Truth to Power – Poetry, 1/14/2021 – 2/18/2021
Session 2:  Vocalized Poetry, 3/4/2021 – 4/8/2021
Session 3:  Who am I? Personal Narrative/Memoir, 4/29/2021 – 6/3/2021
Session 4:  On Journey – Personal Narrative/Memoir, 6/17/2021 – 7/22/2021
Session 5:  Painting with Words – Varied Genres of Writing, 8/5/2021 – 9/9/2021

Participants in the Pen to Page workshops will experience direct instruction and engage in individual and group activities designed to challenge creative muscles in order to produce original poetry (and other forms of creative writing) for presentation and/or publishing.

Register online for any and all of the series programs. For questions or additional information, please contact Michael Bryant in Community Engagement at or 954-357-7435 or contact Hayley St. John-Ayre at or 954-201-2657/954-357-8068.

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DATE: November 13, 2020
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