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Positivity Pays "Heroes" Cards Feature Library Director Kelvin Watson
- Locally produced cards showcase inspiring notables and leaders -

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Broward County Library Director Kelvin Watson is one of 10 prominent community heroes featured in the new deck of Heroes Trading Cards 2021 series, the latest collection of full-color, comic-quality trading cards from the Broward-based nonprofit foundation Positivity Pays.

Watson is one of 10 heroes depicted on the 2021 series, which includes both local notables and heroes from around the nation. Each card is individually created by local artist/illustrator CaloArt (Carlos Ampudia) and printed locally by PIP Printing in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to Watson, the nine other "Heroes" included in the 2021 series are: 

  • Pastor Marcus Davidson - Senior Pastor, New Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • Eddie Fraiser - In Memory of Former Dillard Head Coach, Mentor
  • Stephen Garten - CEO, Charity Charge Mastercard
  • Bobby Henry - Publisher, The Westside Gazette
  • Mark Kent - CEO, Philanthropist, Author, Mentor
  • Tyrus McCloud - Former NFL player, Prison Ministry Mentor
  • Stanley McClover - Former NFL Player, One Sleeve Nation Mentor
  • Dr. Barbara Sharief - CEO, South Florida Pediatric Homecare, Broward County Commissioner District 8
  • Dr. LaTasha Russell - Clinical Psychologist, Founder of "Drive-By Therapy"

The Positivity Pays team is led by musician, motivational speaker and social media maven Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson and his partner, creative entrepreneur and consultant Brandon Freeny. The nonprofit foundation creates content that highlights the unsung heroes in our community and beyond who are quietly and significantly affecting change and providing strong role models for young people. This includes graphic novels and children’s books with uplifting messages and relatable, motivational heroes of color.

“We noticed that kids today look up to the rappers, the sports stars, high-profile celebrities,” says Robinson. “Positivity Pays wants to spotlight the success of the heroes in our community and beyond who may not be famous, but they are making a difference, like the attorneys, business owners and yes, library directors. We want to find the people who do amazing things and are creating a blueprint for success for our youth.”

“I am so honored to have been selected as one of this year’s “Heroes,” says Watson. “Leading by example is one of the best ways to serve our community, and Positivity Pays has given me an amazing platform to do so.”

The 2021 Community Heroes Trading Card Series is the second of its type from Postivity Pays, which also produced a Black History Month Trading Card series in February 2020. Those  featured 28 trading cards profiling prominent and inspirational African American men and women of South Florida, with a new card released each day in February.

The 2021 Community Heroes Trading Cards series are available now on To cover printing and production costs, the cards are $14.99 per set and $1.99 for individual cards.

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DATE: October 1, 2020
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